About Ken



Ken’s a common man with a not-so-common beginning. To understand who Ken is and what he stands for, one must start with the story of Ralph Crider in the 1940s. Ralph was a coal miner from Kentucky who only had a 6th grade education. He left Kentucky with his three brothers and moved to Livonia to work for Ford Motor Company. It was here in Livonia where Ralph met his wife, Judy. After twelve heart-breaking years of trying to have children, the Criders met Ellen. At the time, she was in a dire situation: She had a one year old daughter and Ken on the way—all the while being homeless. The Criders and Ellen then agreed that, upon Ken’s birth, the Criders would adopt Ken as their own.

Ken was born and raised right here in Livonia. While attending Clarenceville High School, he met Penny. Their high school romance led to their marriage in 1985. After graduating in 1983, Ken attended a trade school and then took an apprenticeship to become a skilled tradesman in the commercial HVAC industry. Now, thirty years later, these high school sweet hearts have a 25 year old son, Nick—who’s also about to marry his own high school sweet heart.
For thirty plus years Ken has given of himself for his family, his trade, and his community. Those who know Ken best would describe him as a man of integrity, selflessness, and service.  Ken realizes that it’s time for common sense solutions and now is the time to   stand up and serve his community.

Will you stand with Ken?